Beyond Recall

Build 0180512-e
  • 3 years ago Update Main Menu design changed
  • 3 years ago Fixed Loading Screen fixed progression
  • 3 years ago Add Loading Screen at startup added.
  • 3 years ago Add Added Network System (Steam Platform and LAN)
  • 3 years ago Fixed iKinema bug with IK foot position
  • 3 years ago Removed Removed all Animals and Focus only on Bear.
  • 3 years ago Update Updating Unreal Engine from 4.18 to 4.19.2

Today, while developing Beyond Recall, my MSI laptop died, my graphic card made my computer reboot continually even if I disable it. Have been testing things for more than 12 hours but looks like I have a big big deadtime ahead. HELP!! 🙁 @MSI_ES @msitweets @pccomponentes


Beyond Recall Mayor updates:
I've upgraded Unreal Engine from 4.19.2 to 4.22.3 (done), replaced iKinema for IK Bones mechanics with DragonIK (done), cleaned Blueprints migrating most of the mechanics already done as Actor Components and more efficient replication network (wip).

Trail View System v4b Demo
Visit Youtube link for more quality and explication/comments subtitles.
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In a Post-Apocalyptic world, where all human beings have dissapeared, you have to survive as a wild animal, evolve to the chosen one and keep your progeny strong over the years getting genetic modifications which will let you get over all enemies.

Gameplay/Game Info:
Genetic/Skills Tree System:
During the game play, you can get Evolution Points which will let you own of some advantages for your specific animal or player. You can access to the Genetic Skills Tree screen, pressing P.

Aging System:
Players get older while keeps being alive. States goes from Baby to Juvenile, to Pre-Adult, to Adult, to Old. Each state gives you boost on specific Character Stats until you reach Old state, which makes your hair grey and makes you lost stats power but at the same time opens the possibility to posses your baby before you die by natural death. The point is to transmit your genes which will give you advantages over any other animals.

Feeding System:
Animals can be divided in three groups:
Carnivorous, which will let you only eat meat and corpses.
Herbivorous, which will let you only eat plants.
Omnivorous, which will let you eat meat and plants.
There are also some mushrooms, fungus and lichens are around the world and could be eaten by any animal.

Trailing System:
Any player can emit pheromones, represented by a red smoke/clouds. This red smoke can only be seeing if you press V. Can be affected by player states like Dirty/Clean, Bleeding/Wounded, Sick/Sane and different options in Genetic/Skills Tree. Players can not Sprint when they are Trailing, and their Eyes and nose get red. Its the best way to go for hunting or avoid danger. Poo and Pee can help you to confuse your enemy when hes trailing you.

Territorial System:
Poo and Pee are not only necessary to stay alive. Both systems can be used as Territorial  claim tool which it can only be re-claimed by another player if you get far away from your Poo/Pee or if you get killed. Staying inside your Territory can boost you some stats in a defensive way.

Disease/Sickness System:
Diseases are a big impediment to keep alive and a challenge to find a cure. Even the smallest animal could make you get Itchy and even get sick and die. So, you also have to stay on alert. Maybe your travel companion or friend is killing you. If you get propper Genetic Skills, you can avoid sickness and get contagious. Even Genetic Skills can make you recognize from distance who is Sick and Contagious and can let you see and eat specific mushrooms, fungus and lichens which can be the cure for your specific disease.

Mosquitoes can become a problem if you stay close to water places.
Flies can become dangerous if you stay close to corpses or Poo.
Fleas and Ticks are around the map and can jump from a player to another.

Combat System:
Each animal have his own combat system which can be a simple bite to area damage attack.
Some attacks can make you Bleed, other attacks can Break you a Bone and other attacks can make you get Unconscious.

Roars System:
There are three different roars on the game. Pressing 1 makes a roar broadcast which have the highest range and alarms all players inside making his camera to shake. Pressing 2 makes a medium roar that can be used to call your babies and they will come close to you until they become idle and 3 makes a small and fast roar.

Roars 2 and 3 are also used when a player starts idling and, in that case, the player will Sit too.

Resting/Recover System:
Players can rest if they idle. If you dont move for a specific amount of time (which can be higher or lower depending of the Genetic Skill you enabled), your animal will sit and random Roars will start to sound. If you press H, your animal will lie down the floor and recover twice faster the Stamina level.

First Person/Third Person View System:
There are two different Points of View during gameplay. First Person is more realistic and gives you more detailed graphics. Third Person have less detailed graphics in distance. Both can be used for each different situation.


Operating System:


System requirements
Operating system Windows 2000/XP
CPU Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or Athlon XP 1500+ processor or higher
Memory 384 MB RAM
Hard drive 2.2 GB free hard disk space
Media 8x Speed CD-ROM
Graphics hardware 3D Hardware Accelerator – 64MB of memory minimum DirectX 9.0b
Sound hardware DirectX 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card

Screenshots from the game:

 Music for Beyond Recall: